Tuesday 30 June 2015

I miss Troy. I really do. It’s silly in a way, because even if I was at home he would have been at work all day and I wouldn’t have seen him anyway! But I kept finding myself thinking of him and wondering what he was doing today.

I had a good day here though. One of the children woke me up at 6.30 to ask me something- I woke up enough to answer them and check the time which is how I know when it was, but I now can’t remember which child it was and what they wanted. I went back to sleep for a bit, and when I got up the kids had all had breakfast and were snuggled up under blankets in the loungeroom.

We went down the street this morning to buy things for lunch. It’s always weird to go down the street here and see what’s changed. I bought Luna a mat to sleep on while we’re here- mum and dad don’t have a small, doggy sized armchair or random blankets flung about their living room, so she’s a bit lost. I figured a fleece rug will give her a place to lie down and will help her settle down.

I was tragically disappointed while I was down the street though- I have really wanted to try the Minion McFlurry from Maccas (yes, I am very mature obviously) and today I decided I would just go and get one for me and each child. Ordered them at their new touchscreen kiosks (which takes forever, all the kids want to do their own orders and have the exact same number of turns at pressing the screen) but when we went to collect them the soft-serve machine was out of order and I couldn’t have one! Which really is a minor disaster, but I was quite put out all the same.

The kids, mum and I all went to the movies this afternoon and saw Inside Out. It was a great movie, but I have to admit I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so deep…I was really thinking it was going to be a lot more light hearted! All the kids liked it, even Jericho who had been pretty cranky on going to see it at all since he had wanted to see Minions instead. I think Soren was quite involved with it though, in all the sad bits he kept leaning over to me and giving me little hugs and pats so that I would hold and pat him. It was very sweet, except he had been eating lollipops and was so sticky!

Jericho is behaving like a crazy thing while we’re here. It’s all silliness and performances. Occasionally hilarious (he does have a certain flair) most mostly just really, really annoying!

Mum gave Emma a top today that Mum bought but that doesn’t fit. It fits Emma instead. No wonder I am feeling so old and sad lately, when my daughter is old enough and big enough that clothes that her adult relatives buy for themselves can be passed along to her.

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