Monday 29 June 2015

It’s quite a long drive here to Mum and Dad’s house when you do it by yourself. It went pretty well though- we stopped a couple of times for food/ fuel/ to wake me up a bit, and the kids and the dog were very good. We had music until we stopped for an early lunch in Ballarat, and then the kids watched Despicable Me on the dvd player which lasted most of the rest of the way.

We got here early afternoon, and it’s been pretty low key. Really just hanging out. The kids played outside a little bit, but it was pretty cold so they spent a couple of hours watching a dvd too. I talked to mum a bit, and with dad once he came home from work.

I’m not completely sure what our plans are while we’re here. I might try the movies tomorrow, that would be fun. Maybe we’ll go for a drive to Port Fairy or Halls Gap or something on Wednesday – we’ll have to decide.


2 thoughts on “Monday 29 June 2015

  1. Glad the drive was ok, remember to always feel free to pop in here for loo or lunch! Have a great time in Hamilton.

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