Saturday 27th June 2015


I woke up with barely any voice this morning, which has been fun. Or not.

I went to Soren’s presentation this morning. It was so cute! Hayley explained that she had asked the children what they wanted to share and they each chose something about their work or the classwork to do. So some of them read their poems, a couple of them read out a story, Soren and a couple of others did this play (which was their guided reading book) and some of them showed the yoga exercises they do. They were really good. I also loved that one of the stories they read out was a class one called “Angus’ Greatest Find” about Angus the classroom dog who likes to find things and bring them home, and finally Angus finds a doggy friend and brings her home and that’s his greatest find. Which was very cute anyway, but made even cuter by the fact that the friend dog in the story was Luna, after our Luna.

It was the last day of term today (which was why Soren’s class h, so the kids had early dismissal. I cannot believe that we’re halfway through the year already! My kids all like school and are happy to go, but they were pretty happy to have holidays starting today too.

I dyed the crochet dress yellow today. It looks like sunshine and is adorable! I love dying things because until it has been rinsed and dried you never know exactly how it’s going to turn out. I also dyed half the overalls, I’m going to dye the bottom half blue and hopefully will have a nice green stripe in between where the blue overdyes. I’m really not very confident with that, but we’ll see.

The yarn I ordered came today. It’s green and smells exactly like sheep. I’m going to use it to make a cardigan, and I’m glad it arrived today so I’ll have it to work on next week.

We had tea at Steve and Jean’s tonight. Steve has bought a new phone and ipad and so he needed Troy to set everything up and whatever. It was nice to have tea made and not have to do the cleaning up.



It was a long day today. I felt marginally better than yesterday, and could at least talk which was a bonus.

Hockey took us all over the place today- Troy took Emma to play at Heidelberg and I took Jericho to play at Waverly. I took Soren with me, and Nicholai took advantage of his elder status to stay home alone. Neither of the children’s teams won their hockey games, but both of them played well.

The afternoon, once we finally got home from hockey, was okay. Lazy mostly, which suited me. I finished the crocheted dress/top for Skyla and finished the cat-blanket-lovey thing as well. The yarn on that is so big and chunky that the finished product is kind of like it’s been drawn with crayons.


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