Tuesday 23rd June 2015

I had a sick day today. I just had a sore throat and a cough, and these two things had kept me up last night so I was really tired. So I called off the walk and just spent the day doing almost nothing. I don’t know that it fixed anything, but it didn’t make it worse.

I finished the crocheted dress last night and it is completely adorable. Like, so, so cute. I hung it up and admired it and then today I threw it in to be washed. And then, because I am the world’s BIGGEST IDIOT I chucked it in the dryer and it SHRANK. It BECAME SMALLER. I cried.

It’s still cute. But from now on it shall have to be referred to as a crocheted tunic top instead of a dress, and it shall be adorable with jeans.

Forgot to say that on the weekend I was asked by a million people at the school’s birthday party how Nicholai was going at high school. I told everyone that he was doing great, and had friends and everything. I was telling someone about how he’d been invited to a birthday party on Friday and I was really happy because these are people he’s genuinely friends with. Troy was there and he said that when he’d been talking to the kid’s mum she had said that the five of the boys at the party were really their own gang at school. I hadn’t heard that before, so I just clasped my hands together and said really rapturously, “He’s in a gang!” like it was the best thing ever. Troy laughed, but he knew what I meant…Nicholai has never had friends he really connected with, and now he does and we’re so happy for him.

Today I found a praying mantis in that succulent that grew the monster flowers. There was also a little thing attached to one of the ‘leaves’ that I think is probably an egg case. I hope it is anyway- I love praying mantises. The kids and I played with it for a while and then put it back so it could finish doing whatever it was doing.

Emma has her interview for the SEAL program tomorrow. She and her teacher put together a little folder of her writing and projects and maths stuff from school for her to take, which they will probably look at, even if only as a jumping off point for talking to her. I hope she does well.

The beautiful, beautiful dress before it went in the dryer.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 23rd June 2015

  1. Rebecca, that dress is so adorable!! I love it and it makes me want to make things like that. Thank you. Also I love that photo of the prayingantis on the soldier very cool and so good to hear about Nicholai. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow, it’s horrible feeling sick. Well I am getting ready for the last love child! Craig bought caramelo koalas!! Yuuuum! Sleep well tonight xoxo

    • I think the dress/top is really sweet, and I’m really glad I made it. I was going to dye it, since I think yellow is probably a more practical colour than white, but I can leave it white if you want. After that I’ll be able to send it up to you!
      I am watching Love Child too, and Troy brought us home little caramel and chocolate puddings, ha ha ha.

      • I love white but it is definitely not practical so if you are dying anything else and it’s easy to ahead! You are the expert. It must have been a caramel night! I hope today was good. I worked but am now officially on holidays! Yippee!!

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