Monday 22 June 2015

Today was kind of disappointing. Emma was going to go to her first Kids Club group, and I was going to go along too, with Jericho and Soren. So we were all kind of excited to go to the movies with that, and I even got it together enough to ring someone I don’t know to rsvp to this event. But then we got a phone call back later saying that several of the staff were sick and they had to cancel the event. So, no movies and Pancake Parlour for the children and I!

I’m really enjoying making this crocheted dress. Even if it never gets worn it’s beautiful, and it’s the kind of repetitive crochet I quite enjoy. It also hardly needs to be looked at while you’re doing it, because the stitches go into the chain spaces, not the actual top of the stitch like usual. I’ve discovered that Party of Five is on tv at 2 o’clock (channel 9, in case anyone cares!) so today I crocheted and watched that and laughed at how cute I used to think Matthew Fox was and how much I liked their outfits, ha ha ha!


2 thoughts on “Monday 22 June 2015

  1. I used to loooove party of 5!!! also skyla and quin will both wear the dress, I am really excited cause it just looks so adorable!!!!.boohoo no pancakes!!!

    • I used to love Party of 5 too! I was so excited when I saw it on the tv at the psychiatrist’s office and realised it was on every day. It’s also only on early episodes, so there should be lots of episodes to come, ha ha ha!

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