Sunday 21st June 2015

Well, no wonder I was cold last night, it was -5 here overnight. Looking at how clear the sky was when I took the bins out, I think tonight is going to be equally as chilly, so I may have to find an extra blanket for the bed.

It was a cold day, but beautifully sunny, and it was lovely at Yering Farm, which is where we went first. It was the Shortest Lunch, an event put on by many of the local wineries, and one that we’ve actually been to every year as long as we’ve been married. Actually, now that I think about it, the two family traditions we have that haven’t altered are going to the Shortest Lunch on the shortest day of the year (or the closest weekend, lol) and going into the city to look at the Christmas windows. We always go to Yering Farm because they have the most delicious apple pies, so they’ve been my pick every year. We usually go with Troy’s mum and dad, but they couldn’t come today. With football and the school thing we weren’t going to be able to fit in more than one stop, so apple pies it was.

It was fun. The pies were good, and it was nice to just sit there and enjoy ourselves. It was funny talking to the kids about going there through the years, especially because the first year we did it Nicholai was such a little baby he couldn’t even have a taste of a pie, and now this year the kids are all so big that I was concerned they would all eat their own whole pie and I wouldn’t get to scrounge the leftovers like I always used to! However Soren, bless his little heart, got “a bit full” and let me eat the last bites of his.

Nicholai had team photos for football, so he had to be there early. It was also our day for canteen duty, so once we’d finished with the apple pies I had the three younger ones at home and Troy and Nicholai went off to the football oval. I gave the kids lunch, and once Troy’s canteen duty was over he left Nicholai playing at the oval and came home, so we could all go up to the school.

It was the school’s 140th celebrations. Crazy to think that that little school has been there for 140 years! It hadn’t occurred to me that I’m actually part of the staff, so when we got there I had to go and stand out in front with all the teachers, ugh. There were some speeches, as it was also a final farewell for Mrs Bowen, who has been teaching there for probably most of the hundred and forty years. After that there was afternoon tea and open classrooms, so Troy and I went around and looked in all the rooms (yes, I do go into them every week when I’m teaching, but Troy doesn’t get to see them that much!) and looked at all the photo boards in the library, which was fun. It still makes me laugh a little when I think about Troy going to the same school my kids now go to.

To end the day there was a little concert by the kids. It was Australia themed, so they all sang songs that related to that. It was so cute, the way primary school concerts always are. Special shout out to Jericho though- his grade did a play based on the poem The Wild Colonial Boy, and Jericho played the role of Jack Dugan, the wild colonial boy himself. He was so good, he just has that bit of flamboyance that works well in performance! He even fell and hurt himself against a chair, hard enough to leave a bruise on his chest, and he soldiered on like it had never happened. He was just gorgeous.

I’m tired though, after all that forced socialisation at the school thing. It’s weird to be a staff member, a parent, and the wife of a past student. It was good though, I think the school and the kids did a great job.

Soren is so funny sometimes. This morning he came and gave me a hug and a smile and said, “I’m friends with you! Or maybe relatives.”


2 thoughts on “Sunday 21st June 2015

  1. That apple pie looks so yum and I never knew Troy went to that school!! Sounds like a fun but busy weekend. It has been super cold at night here too. That dress of Skyla’s looks adorable too and I am excited to see your cardy. Is it going to be crotchet or knitted. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow xoxoxo

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