Saturday 20th June 2015

Nicholai just told Troy and I that he was studying astronomy in science next term. He then went on to say, very patronisingly, “That’s studying the stars and the planets and the sky.” Yes, thank you little professor, I’m not as smart as you but I know what astronomy is!

On what felt like the coldest morning in the year I was the hockey parent today. Emma and Jericho were both playing at home, although not consecutively, so we left home at 7.45 so we’d be there for Emma to start warming up with her team at 8. IT WAS SO COLD. I know I already mentioned that, but it deserves mentioning again because it was so cold! I’d taken my crochet to do while I was watching, but it was pretty much too cold to do it because my fingers kept getting so cold they were too uncoordinated to hook. So I did a bit of work on it, then warmed my hands up in my pockets, then went back to the crochet.

Emma’s game was a bit of a beating, they scored nothing and the opposition got eight goals. Still, there were some good moments and the girls all kept trying so that was good. Jericho’s team won, 4 goals to nothing, so they were happy with that. Jericho has mostly played defence up until now, but he had a little turn on the forward line today and thought it was okay, so hopefully he’ll be more willing to give both ends a try. I think he shouldn’t really lock himself into being a defensive or attacking player at only eight years old, ha ha ha.

While I was doing the hockey, Troy went and picked up Nicholai from the party. He wound up having a cup of tea with the party mum- Nicholai said he lost his phone so the five boys spent about half an hour looking for it…only to find it in Nicholai’s bag. It’s reassuring to know that our little genius isn’t the only one who sometimes loses it with regular life!

He had a good time at the party. They went to something called the Melbourne Escape Hunt, which I hadn’t heard of but which Nicholai said was really fun (and they solved it). They had lunch and went back to the birthday kid’s house and pretty much played minecraft and did what geek twelve and thirteen year olds do, I guess. They didn’t go to sleep until after midnight, which was killing Nicholai today- all my kids have always needed their sleep.

At least our afternoon was free of plans. Troy went to Costco after he collected Nicholai and did a big shop, so there was still some of that to put away once I got home. But we had Costco croissants and bagels for lunch, so that was good, and then I went and had a sleep for a while which was possibly even better.

I’ve decided that after I’ve finished crocheting this dress I’m going to knit myself a cardigan. So I spent a bit of time this afternoon looking at patterns and yarns online and ordered what I need. I’m not finished the dress yet, but I’m going to visit mum and dad next week, and I wanted to make sure I had a project to take with me.


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