Wednesday 17th June 2015

I have spent all day working frantically on my Indonesian lessons for tomorrow. Ridiculously I decided that we needed clothes bingo this morning, and thought I should make it for tomorrow. Aaaargh! I mean, bingo is a good idea, the kids love it and really do learn the vocab quite well from playing it. But making a bingo game in a day is not the best idea. I have literally spent seven and a half hours today cutting and pasting and cutting and pasting and printing and cutting and laminating and cutting…blah.

I did stop making the bingo game for about half an hour while I ate my lunch and looked at tumblr and free books. I also stopped for two and a half hours because I had a psychiatrist appointment and had to pick the kids up from school after that.

My appointment was okay. I hate trying to analyse and quantify my emotional state though. She’s reducing some of my medication because I’m on a lot of different things, and it would be good to simplify. She is also very insistent that I need to do some exercise and get fit (aka lose weight, fatty) which is very true but in all honesty probably the hardest thing for me to do. I shall try, but the chances of achieving anything are depressingly low.

I had to take Soren with me, because he had a day home from school. I think he just has a cold, but he was a bit warm and incredibly snuffly before school so we took the day off as a precaution. Better to rest for one day and hopefully get a bit better than to go to school and get worse. (Especially since I’m supposed to work tomorrow and so there’s no one to watch him).

Soren is so easy to have around though. When we told him he could stay home from school he crawled into bed with me and snuggled in and said in a happy little stuffy-nosed way, “This is just the way it used to be. Me and you.”

Later on he saw his Pop and he was asked why he didn’t go to school. Soren said, very gravely, “I couldn’t. I did not have the right temperature for going to school.”


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