Tuesday 16th June 2015

I’m back home again, after a one night break where I stayed in the city. Troy had a two day tax seminar over yesterday and today, so we gave the children to his parents and then booked a room for the two of us.

Jean collected the kids from school and then they picked me up and dropped me off at the station to catch the train. I use public transport so rarely that I didn’t even have a myki and had to buy one.

I’d taken my crochet with me, because I thought I’d be able to get a bit done on the train (since it takes an hour or so to get to the city) but once I was on the train I realised I’d forgotten my hook. Seriously, at its most basic crocheting requires yarn and a hook, and I was missing 50% of those items! It wasn’t a tragedy, I just dug my e-reader out of my bag, but I did feel like a bit of an idiot.

I met Troy under the clocks and then we went and checked into our hotel, which was lovely. We decided to go out to tea and walked over to a place behind Flinders Street station, next to the river. It was so nice! We sat at a counter looking out over the river and ate the most delicious burgers ever and just talked. Although I did feel very out of place in this eatery full of city types in suits!

We went for a walk after that, which was fun. I played around with taking night time photos which I liked doing, even though my results were pretty unsuccessful. Of course, I couldn’t just enjoy a night walk looking at the pretty scenery, instead I had to stumble over an uneven cobblestone and nearly kill myself. My ankle turned and I just went crashing down onto my knees and kept falling. Since I still had the camera around my neck and I didn’t want it to smash to pieces I kind of grabbed it and held it to me while I continued to smack into the ground on my arm and then fall over onto my back.

Yes, I probably did all that as gracefully as you imagine. But at least my camera emerged completely unscathed.

Not so for me really. It hurt SO much. And today I’m left with scrapes and cuts on my knee and a big bruise that hurts if I try to kneel down, a bruise on the palm of my hand, and a bruise on my boob from the camera being crushed into it. And feeling really embarrassed, although fortunately hardly anyone else was there to see me at the time!

This morning I got up when Troy did, and we checked out and went and had some breakfast. He had to go to his conference, so we went to Maccas for the sake of speed- although I really do like their pancakes, so it was fine. I walked with Troy down to Crown, since that’s where his seminar was, and then said goodbye and went to the train station. I had originally thought maybe I’d walk around in the city for a bit, or go to the gallery or something, but the weather was so grey and dismal that walking around lacked any appeal and the gallery didn’t open until 10. So I waited at Flinders Street for the next train and then I came home.

Troy had left his car at the station on Monday and then given me the keys, so I drove that back home and just did whatever. I picked up the bags and the dog from Troy’s mum and dad on the way to get the kids from school. We waited until Troy called us from the train home and then drove to pick him up from the station and bought some tea while we were out.

Everyone’s really tired. Apparently Nicholai and Soren went to sleep fine last night, but Jericho and Emma stayed up and talked until Jean yelled at them. (Well, whispered loudly since she still can’t talk properly). Jean also said that she woke up around 1am and heard a noise and when she went to investigate Soren was sitting up at the table playing with Lego! He’d woken up and thought it was morning! Jean walked him back to bed, only to find Jericho also under the mistaken belief that it was morning and reading his e-reader in bed. So she put them back in bed and said that they had to stay in bed for five more hours, which surprised them both a little bit, that it actually was the middle of the night!

Although just to mar my evening I discovered when we got home tonight that Soren had got paint out and there are splotches of paint all over the carpet in the study! Plus a trail down the hallway and into his bedroom! At least the carpet in his room is already crap.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 16th June 2015

  1. Except for the falling over which sounds PAINFULL!!! What a nice romantic mid week break! Also it is kinda unhygienic that the kids just thought it was morning during he night, hopefully they all sleep well for you tonight. I hope your bruises and scrapes get better soon, you really do love your camera, good job protecting it! Xo love Elle xo

    • Unhygienic??? I think I was writing hilarious? But who knows. I just had a funny vision of Jean waking up and walking out and seeing Soren playing lego!! Hehe

      • Ha ha ha- I wondered what was so unhygienic! I totally laughed about the lego when Jean told me that story.
        I thought you would laugh about me falling down, considering it was sure to remind you of the time I fell off the bench when we were painting!

        • Actually iid be lying if I say I probably wouldn’t have laughed when you fell, but I still think its not the falling over that’s funny…. Even though it was funny when you fell off the bench but when I know I shouldn’t laugh it is so hard to stop!!!! Ps gorgeous photos of Melbourne xoxo

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