Saturday 13 June 2015

It was an early start today, because of Emma’s 9.30 hockey game. They have to be there earlier and it’s a fair drive from our house, so we all had to be up and out the door by quarter to eight. That’s about as much fun as you’d think it would be, especially when it was about 0 degrees outside and we hadn’t set the timer for the heater to come on.

Jericho’s game was to start an hour after Emma’s game finished so we all went together. It was at our home ground so once we were there Emma went off with her team to warm up, Jericho went off with some of the boys from his team to play, and Nicholai and Soren surprisingly went off together. So Troy and I sat and talked, and I crocheted, and it would have been lovely if my fingers weren’t freezing and threatening to drop the crochet hook all the time.

Steve and Jean came to watch the kids play. They brought their dogs, and in the hour between Emma’s and Jericho’s games they took them for a walk. (Along with Nicholai, Emma, and Luna). During that hour Troy took Soren to the shopping centre that’s just nearby so he could buy a present for the birthday party he was invited to in the afternoon.

I was talking with Jericho while everyone else was doing all that, and he hit me in the face with his hockey stick! I’m glad I was wearing glasses to be honest, because he hit the side of them and was deflected to the side- if they hadn’t been on I would have been whacked square in the eye.

He totally didn’t mean it and he apologised for it right away, which was good. But he hit me with it because he was doing exactly what we’d already told him multiple times not to do- don’t go waving your stick around and bashing it against random things! But I told him that and he got all shitty and it was just ridiculous. YOU hit ME and now somehow it’s my fault because I’ve upset you???

Anyway, neither of the kids’ teams won, but they were pretty even games and the teams did well. They were both happy with it, so that was good.

We came home and had lunch, and then this afternoon I took Soren and Jericho to the gymnastics school for a birthday party. This was one Soren was invited to (it’s a boy from his class) but then I ran into the mum on Friday at IGA and she said that she’d had a couple of kids cancel and would Jericho like to come? He said yes, since his closest friend is the birthday kid’s cousin and was going to be there. So I had to take both of them today. It was nice though, once the party started I was able to leave them there and I sat in the car with my ereader and a snack and had a very quiet and relaxing time, until I had to go and pick them up and take them home again!

Home for baths, tea, Harry Potter reading and then bed, and at least the kids were tired enough that they just went to sleep without a word. I’m pretty tired too, so I don’t think I’ll be staying up late either.


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