Thursday 11 June 2015

Today was a pretty good day. Teaching went well, which was nice, and the weather was lovely and sunny which always makes everything feel a little more cheerful.

I took Luna with me to school, but she was so cosily curled up asleep on a blanket in Emma’s class when it was time to leave that I just left her there. Although that was the first class I teach, and every single one that I went to after that had the kids chorusing, “But where’s Luuuunaaaaa?”

Jodi caught me too, and said that after Luna and Murphy had a fight that time, the next day he was really sick and had to go to the vet. So it seems likely that he wasn’t feeling well and that’s why he snapped at Luna. Both Jodi and I are pretty relieved to have a likely explanation, because any kind of snapping or aggression is way out of character for both of the dogs.

I got a new polarising filter for my camera today. I used to have one on the old camera, but the new lens is a different size so I had to get a new one. I like to have one on as a safety – it’s a lot cheaper to replace a filter than a lens – but it also gives a deeper sort of colour, which is nice.

I came home from school and I crocheted for an hour at this dress. Only to then make the hard decision that it wasn’t going to work as it was, that either the pattern was wrong or I was, but I had to pull it out. Not all of it this time, but quite a bit! I couldn’t quite face doing it then, but I took it with me when I took Emma to her CHAMPS group and sat out in the waiting area and ripped it back and rewound all the yarn before I started in on it again. I’m about half way back to where I was when I started ripping it out, and now I’m using the pattern more as a guideline than a rule, ha ha ha. Hopefully it works out in the end! It’s cute though, in a super old-fashioned-crocheted-dress way.


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