Monday 8th June 2015.

Today was the lazy day of the long weekend. A little bit of a sleep in, and staying in pyjama pants all day. At least for me. Troy had to get dressed properly because he went around to his brother’s house in the morning. Brett has recently got a new computer and wanted help transferring things from the old computer to the new, so Troy was co-opted to do that job. He took Emma with him and she stayed to play with Charlotte and Sophie when he came home with lunch.

Jericho went to the footy with Steve after lunch, a Melbourne v Collingwood game. Sadly (for Jericho) Melbourne lost, but he had a good time. Nicholai and Soren paid their poker chips and both of them challenged Troy to play Mario Kart on the Wii, so they all had fun. I’d done dishes and housework while Troy was away, so I did some reading and writing over the afternoon which was lovely. So yeah, really nothing exciting to write about, but just a nice holiday day.

Although I was half listening to Soren talk to Troy and I heard him say that he was looking forward to his birthday, but it was a long time away. I asked him why, and he said, with a huge, gusty sigh, “Everything changes when you’re seven.”

I tried to keep a straight face as I asked him what changed and he said, “Well, you get to have friends over and you don’t have to go in a booster anymore…that’s the really best thing.”

I laughed my head off. I had no idea he was so keen to not sit in a booster seat, since he has never once complained about it! I suppose he knows there’s no point, since carseats have always been an iron-clad rule. It did give me a shock when I thought about it though, because we’re six months away from no booster seats at all. How strange will that be?

I’ve finished knitting the overalls and they’re pretty cute. I’m going to dye them though, white is not my favourite for babies since I had obnoxiously puking ones who stained everything white.


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