Friday 5 June 2015

If I do washing every day (and I do) then WHY does it pile up so much? Why do I suddenly turn around and realise I have to do five loads to catch up? Laundry is a mystery. Not just the ‘why does it build up?’ part, but the ‘what has that child been wearing?’ question that pops up when everyone else’s piles nearly reach the ceiling and all Soren has is one pair of school pants, one pair of underpants, and some fingerless mitts. I know he doesn’t go around naked, and I know he bathes…so where are the clothes???

Yeah, I did a lot of laundry today. And dishes and making pikelets and berating myself for my lack of motivation. Exciting stuff.

Emma and some of her friends did a little dance routine at assembly this morning. I love seeing the girls confident enough to do that kind of stuff, and having fun making up their own thing.

We watched Into The Woods tonight. Should have been a delightful way to end the school/work week with a family movie…should have being the operative phrase here. But no, ends up with children crying and shouting. We’re going to go to the museum tomorrow (at least, we will if everything works out, we’ve had trouble with getting to the museum this year) so let’s


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