Thursday 4 June 2015

I’m always kind of tired Thursday nights. Well, I’m usually tired anyway, but Thursday has teaching and then driving Emma to and from her group and that can be a little stressful.

Teaching went okay today, apart from one class that I always have trouble with. They’re just impossible. But I talked to the teacher afterwards and got some more ideas for discipline and classroom management, so I’ll try that next week.

I had to laugh though, I absent-mindedly called Soren ‘Scooby’ when I was teaching his class. Soren came up to me and whispered, “You can’t call me Scooby in teaching time. But at playtime it’s okay!”

I laughed, but I was also a bit nostalgic. He used to start Indonesian lessons giving me hugs and kisses! But now he’s growing up. He still gives me hugs, but he’ll wait until I’m giving him his paper or something. He’s not the only one though, there are a couple of other little gems in that class that give me hugs at the end and thank me for teaching them. It’s really cute.

Luna came with me, as always, but she had a fight with Murphy when I was in the 2/3 classroom! I have no idea what happened, as I was teaching, but the dogs did make a bit of a fuss. Apart from that, Lazy Luna continued to live up to that name- she loves it when the classes are sitting on the floor and she can curl up in a child’s lap. Any child, she’s really not fussy. It was freezing cold today too, so I think it was especially nice for her to snuggle up for warmth. She really doesn’t like being cold.


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