Monday 1st June 2015

All that knitting I did on Saturday while at the sleepover? I’ve ripped it out and am starting again. I decided that the knit was just too loose on that needle size and I couldn’t rely on it shrinking enough when I washed it to make it good. So I’ve pulled it all back and am starting all over again on smaller needles.

Jericho went to camp this morning with the other grade 3 and 4s. They’re going to Sovereign Hill, which is always a good camp. It’s the first time Jericho has ever gone away on camp, and he was really excited. He’ll be back on Wednesday, and I hope he has a great time.

I had a really quiet day today, since I was so tired after the weekend. I did the usual chores, but nothing extra. It was also very cold, and alternately sunny and pouring with rain, and that didn’t really inspire any great energy in me. And then with Jericho gone the house just IS quiet- I know it always seems quieter when any of them are away but it’s particularly noticeable with Jericho because not only is he extremely noisy, he provokes a LOT of noise from the others too.

Although Soren is very apprehensive about sleeping by himself and thinks it might be too scary, so hopefully we can get him through that.

And since I don’t have much to say, here are two photos instead.

This is our first ever girls’ sleepover, when we went to Daylesford in 2004. Lee wasn’t there because she was in Korea and Carlee wasn’t there because she didn’t know Eamon yet. And that baby is Emma, who is now eleven.

We all look so young!!!

And just because it’s still one of my favourite photos of her, here is Emma on that weekend, wearing her bear hat that I had just bought for her that day.


One thought on “Monday 1st June 2015

  1. What a blast from the past that photo is!! That was so fun. what a shame about your knitting, you are one patient lady! I am super tired too. I am going to have another early night, love Elle xoxo

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