Sunday 31 May 2015

I just learned that I have to actually empty the trash basket on my computer. I was under the impression that it could be ignored and it would periodically empty itself…no. My computer kept telling me that my start-up disk was full and I was deleting all this other stuff until Troy suggested that maybe I check my trash. 35000 items deleted from the trash later my start-up disk is no longer full.

I’m so tired tonight! Yesterday I left Troy and the children to do without my ever-delightful presence and drove to Ballarat to meet up with Mum, Carlee, and all my sisters. We had rented a house for just the one night and were all getting together just to hang out. It was really quite perfect- we pretty much all put on pyjama pants as soon as we got there and then sat in the loungeroom eating, talking, knitting, crocheting and reading magazines. We took a break from this hectic schedule to eat dinner (lasagne, garlic bread, roast potatoes and salad) and then went back to the slices and lollies. We went to the Pancake Kitchen for breakfast this morning too, which was great.

Today was Nicholai’s 50th football game. The weather was terrible. We had invited everyone to come and watch him run through his banner and have some afternoon tea, but we ended up mostly standing around freezing in the rain while the afternoon tea got a little bit damp under the umbrella.

It didn’t matter though. Everyone was excited about Nicholai’s banner and that Stats had made his 50th game. The high emotion of it all was a bit too much for Nicholai and he ended up running through the banner in tears, but he still did it. To make everything better the team had a really good game, losing in the end with a score of 25 to 35, by far the best margin they’d had all year. If that wasn’t good enough for Nicholai, they carried him off the ground at the end on the shoulders of two of the tall players. It was so good for him to have so many people at the club so happy for him! Mum and Dad came, and Troy’s mum and dad, Brett and Elroy came, and Adam and Susan and the kids came halfway through the game, once they’d finished all their birthday parties and other weekend commitments. It was really nice, and Troy had done a good job organising the afternoon tea.

I could have bawled my eyes out though, honestly. Just that he’s played 50 games and has become such a part of things at the football club. I am so happy and proud of him.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 31 May 2015

  1. I love this post, it’s awesome. That last photo of Nicholai….he looks like a young man! It was so lovely seeing you. I was so tired too, I went to bed at 9.00!!! That’s early for me. Hope you get a chilled out day today, love Elle xo

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