Wednesday 27 May 2015

Indonesian reports are done. That’s all I can say about that particular disaster, but they’re done.

We got Luna’s new metal crate today. She looks like she’s in prison. I don’t think she was too sure of it at first, but it’s got the same cushion and food bowl in it and it’s in the same spot in the fireplace so I’m sure she’ll adjust pretty quickly. Really, she might like it- the metal prison bars are actually more open and airy than the soft sided crate with the mesh windows that we did have, so perhaps she’ll come to prefer being able to see everyone easily.

Emma had an orthodontist appointment this morning, so Troy took the boys to school while I took Emma to that. Her appliance is under her gum a bit, which is bad because apparently the gum can grow over it. So I think he adjusted that. He was certainly wrenching around in her mouth with his little pairs of pliers anyway!

I came home and did my planning for tomorrow’s classes, so at least I feel well organised for that. I also finished off the Indo reports and did a quick clean up before Catherine and Miffi came over for craft. Well, came over to chat, which is what it’s become. I was the only one who did any work at all and I re-coloured our names on our placemats and then did a little bit of knitting.

Wednesday afternoon is our busy afternoon. So I picked the kids up from school and took Soren to the office to go swimming with Steve, then brought the others home and got Emma and Jericho ready for hockey. Troy came home and then those three all went off to hockey. Nicholai got ready for football training, and just when I was about to drive him to the oval, Steve arrived with Soren. So he gave Soren back to me, and then took Nicholai to footy training. The electrician then came and fixed the light in Soren and Jericho’s bedroom and fixed the oven (so I can finally cook in the oven again!!!) while Soren and I ate dinner. Then Soren and I went and picked up Nicholai, came home and Soren went to bed while Nicholai had a shower and ate dinner. Then Troy (who had done the grocery shopping while Emma and Jericho were training) came home with those two who cleaned their teeth and went to bed.

So that was my evening. Now it’s going to be watching some Roseanne and some Criminal Minds and doing some knitting. Sounds good to me.


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