Sunday 24 May 2015

A Sunday full of tv and football today. Troy and I managed to squeeze in watching all the episodes we had left of Orange is the New Black, which I really enjoy. Maybe it’s the prison thing, I’m fascinated by prisons. Although it was all disturbingly corrupt this season.

I took Nicholai to his football game. They lost by 130 points or something, and then he came home to a Bulldogs loss too, so it wasn’t the best day Nicholai’s ever had.

I don’t mind going to the football. I watch Nicholai when the ball is at his end (he was a forward today, so that wasn’t really that much to be truthful) and the rest of the time I get to read and write. I take my computer, and without any internet to distract me I get a bit done.

I completely embarrassed myself at the football though. I tripped over a step and crash landed onto this wooden walkway. It was extremely loud and I skinned my shin on one leg and my knee on the other leg and really hurt myself, but I just felt so embarrassed that I jumped up and nearly ran away.

I did a lot of knitting with all that tv watching though. I’m making a little baby set, and I’ve just about finished the cardigan and a hat. I need buttons for the cardigan so I’ll have to go buy some tomorrow. I’m also making a little blanket lovey (mostly because I have yarn left over), but I’ve never made one and don’t really have a pattern so there shall be some improvisation.


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