Tuesday 19 May 2015

I had a successful Ikea trip today. I came home with the chair we had decided on (well, the pieces to make the chair we decided on), a replacement cushion for Troy’s poang chair, cushion covers, bathmats, a box to keep Luna’s leash and sweaters in, and two little glasses that I’m going to use in my candle making.

I’m so tired now though. This is one of the things I hate about being me, this exhaustion that comes from doing basically anything out of the ordinary. Teaching half a day wipes me out, a stroll through Ikea today makes me just want to do nothing but go to bed. I’m so boring.

I like this new loungeroom arrangement though. We’ve got enough seating for everyone now, and it makes the room seem a bit bigger. This armchair is proving very comfortable- I think I’m going to like my new spot.


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