Monday 18 May 2015

We collected our new couch and armchair today. They’re good- for $100 and a couple of hours of time we’ve done very well. We don’t know exactly how old they are, but they were waiting room furniture in a chiropractic office so they haven’t seen heavy use and look great. The girl we dealt with said that they’d bought the practice a couple of months ago and were just changing the look, so that’s why the couch and armchair were going. She apologised for the delay caused by her accident, but considering she was still limping and had her whole calf bandaged (she said she had 15 stitches) we were not worried by that at all.

It filled up the morning though. I dropped the kids at school and then Troy and I drove the ute to Maidstone. Waited about ten minutes for her, then loaded up the ute and drove home and unloaded. The couch was really heavy, but we got it all inside.

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow to get another chair, because we’re a bit short. I get the armchair, Troy gets his Ikea Poang chair, three kids can sit on the couch, but we still need something else. I’d like another Poang chair to match (and because the kids like the one we have) but they’re way too expensive, so I’m going to get the cheaper version. There’s also Soren’s little armchair (which I washed today) so someone can sit on that. If they can pry the dog off it, that is!

I had to move the cat stand to fit the new armchair in, so I’ve put the cat stand where Luna’s crate was and moved Luna’s crate into the fireplace. We never have fires anyway, and the crate fits in there like the space was meant to have dog crates in it.

So basically with all of that, my living room looks pretty different tonight.

That was pretty much the big issue of the day. Kids were all crazy when they came home from school- clearly even a change of furniture is enough to send them loopy.

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow with Troy’s mum. We usually walk on Tuesdays, but it’s meant to rain and I need to buy a chair so I suggested we walk around Ikea instead.

The armchair is my spot- already the kids know that it’s for me, lol. And yes, we really need to go through the crap on the corner table (which Mum made for us when we still lived at the old house and which is holding up excellently).


One thought on “Monday 18 May 2015

  1. Your new couch looks great, know wonder the kids went bonkers!!! hahahah, You have always had your spot and its so funny that even though that looks like a whole lotta couch you still sont have enough seats!!! ahhhh all those extra things to think about with a big family. I cant wait to see you next weekend, Love Elle xo

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