Saturday 16th May 2015

You would think that if someone has gone to the trouble of photographing their furniture and listing it online then they would maybe actually want to sell it? And would maybe get back to you if you enquired about it? Apparently that’s not how it’s done.

Our couch buying has not being very successful so far. We’ve enquired about a few but haven’t got anywhere, so that’s a little bit frustrating. Still, it’s quite fun looking at the ads and I’m now past the point of actually expecting to acquire any of the couches we’re enquiring about so that kind of takes the pressure off. Something will come up eventually.

And just to get all the moaning out of the way at the start, if one more thing breaks around here I’m going to go mad! It was the car this morning, which wouldn’t start. We’re hoping it’s just the battery (have the battery charger hooked up to it now) and not the starter motor. Last time we took it to Peter he fixed the starter motor but said he didn’t know how long it would last and next time we’d have to buy a new one. So fingers crossed it’s just the battery.

I was so disappointed about the car though. Emma has a bye for hockey this week, so it was just Jericho playing at Waverly mid-morning. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go to the museum, something we’ve been trying to manage since the start of the year. We could watch Jericho play and then just continue on to the museum. Busted car put an end to that though- Troy and Jericho had to get in Troy’s car and go by themselves, and three disappointed children and I stayed home.

It was a pretty quiet day after that. I poisoned a whole lot of weeds since it wasn’t raining and wasn’t supposed to rain. I did a lot of knitting and writing. The children played on their electronics and jumped on the trampoline a lot- I think the good weather was nice for them.

Jericho came home from hockey completely happy- they won (4-2) and his coach told him he was the best player on the ground today. It was beautiful to see how big he was smiling when he told me this. Go hockey Jericho!

Nicholai with his new hair cut.


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