Friday 15th May 2015

Nicholai wanted to tell me something this afternoon, so he texted me. From his room. That’s it. He’s officially a teenager and technology has stolen his soul.

Nothing too much else to say about today. I stayed in my pyjama pants as long as possible, and did some writing and some knitting. I’ve finished Luna’s snowflake jumper and it looks cute, if not exactly as well fitted as I would like. But I was pretty much making it up as I went along, so taking that into account it’s not too bad. I’ll make a few changes if I ever knit another one, and see if that improves it.

Troy and I have been mucking about on gumtree and ebay, looking for furniture. Specifically a new lounge. We’re not too fussed about it at the moment, but it is still really, really annoying when people don’t get back to you. It would be so much easier to just go out and buy something, but we really don’t have that much money at the moment. So it’s sitting on the flaking couch until we can find and buy an okay second hand one.

I also thought today that if we get a second hand couch then we will be firmly on the side of the majority of our furniture being acquired used. Our dining setting, the buffet, our bed, Nicholai’s bedroom furniture, Emma’s bedroom furniture, the armchair in my study etc. I told this to Troy and he thought I was accusing him of being a cheapskate, but really I think it’s good. It makes me feel very environmental. (Okay, and a bit like a cheapskate).

The finished snowflake sweater!


Cosy Luna

As you can see, Luna hardly needs a sweater at the moment! She’s probably as furry as she’s ever been. But she’s scheduled for a haircut next week, and so the sweater will probably fit completely differently once we’ve cut off inches of hair.



2 thoughts on “Friday 15th May 2015

  1. I love Luna all fluffy, it reminds me of when she was a puppy!have fun furniture shopping and I hope you find one you like. Enjoy your weekend and I hope the 3 biggest kids have fun at their sport, love Elle xo

    • I love her when she’s all fluffy too. But it’s harder to bath her and it’s smells a bit too much like dog when it gets too long. So she’ll get a haircut, although I always think it makes her look like a skinned little rabbit!
      I hope you have a good weekend too!

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