Thursday 14 May 2015

I taught this morning and was a great hit. Alyssa sent me a dvd (well, seven dvds) with karaoke kids songs on them so I let nearly all of the classes listen to them. They loved it- they didn’t know what any of the songs meant but they were singing along and laughing at the crazy cartoons. And then everyone was sad when their lesson was finished and I had to go.

It felt like a slack lesson, but I wanted something easy for the kids to do after/before their NAPLAN test. It fits in well to the ‘listening’ angle of my curriculum though, and the karaoke element is perfect for that because the kids are listening to the words at the same time as they’re reading them.

I came home for a while after teaching, but didn’t get much done, then went and picked up Emmanuella to take her to her group. It wasn’t as peaceful waiting as it was last week, as the quadruplet siblings of one of the girls in Emma’s group were in the waiting area too, but they were so cute. They’re two and a half years old though- parenting four two year olds at the same time is just beyond my ability to comprehend. I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, but the mum today told me she had twelve children and THEN found out she was pregnant with quintuplets. Talk about a giant cosmic joke. One of the babies died, but two girls and two boys survived. They all had on backpack leashes today and were just everywhere in the little play space.

The three boys all got haircuts today. I had forgotten about Emma’s group when I made the appointment, but I wasn’t exactly heartbroken to leave this little excursion to Troy to handle. The boys all came home looking great. It is a phenomenal change for Nicholai, it was cut and styled and he looks SO MUCH BETTER than his previous grungy unkempt disaster. I’ll have to try and get some pictures tomorrow, there wasn’t really time tonight.

We also had an electrician around to look at the oven and the broken light in Jericho and Soren’s room. He’ll ring tomorrow to make a time to come back and fix those issues.

We haven’t heard back from the people about the couch we bought. They asked if we could wait until they got their new furniture delivered which was fine with us, but we haven’t heard from them yet. Hopefully they’ll get in contact with us tomorrow.


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