Tuesday 12 May 2015

Another cold and rainy day today, although it didn’t stop Jean and I doing our Warburton trail walk. We decided that we’d go for a drive to where we were up to, and then if it was raining we’d give it a miss. But that actually happened to be one of the few clear times during the day, so the first half of our walk took place in the sunshine. The second half, as we walked back, was not so nice and I was pretty wet by the time we got to the car. I was also in quite a bit of pain with my hip and back, so I guess it wasn’t my favourite walk ever. I came home and had a really hot bath and lay there reading for ages though, and that helped.

I did a bit of knitting today, working on Luna’s dog sweater. I’m making it up and I’m now completely confused as to how it’s going…I’m just hoping it comes together and looks okay in the end.

Jericho and Soren were misbehaving in the car on the way to school this morning. I didn’t know who it was, so I yelled, “Whoever that is, stop it!” Immediately Soren piped up, “It was Jericho!” Next thing I know Jericho turned to him and hissed dramatically, “YOU…you betrayed me!”

I’ve got a psychiatrist appointment and craft tomorrow. The day is going to suck.


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