The Race – by Jericho

Jericho wrote this story at school, after watching a little video that Alyssa had filmed in Indonesia. The video was a horse race, where the jockeys are all kids and there are no saddles, and it’s all deadly serious. Anyway, he wanted me to show it to Alyssa, so here it is, spelling and punctuation all his.

The Race.

“Good luck!” shouted someone from the crowd. I didn’t look scared, but in my mind I was freaked out. i was only nine. My mum would kill me if she knew. I turned around and saw my competition. All of them had bigger and more muscular horses. I turned to Acorn, my fat chestnut. “We’re going to win,” I whispered to Acorn.

As I stepped outside the noise pierced me like spears. I mounted Acorn. I started to get in the right position, which is hard without a saddle. “On your marks, get set, GO!” screamed the starter.

Acorn launched at such a speed I almost fell off. I was running fifth. Behind me I heard a thud. When I looked over my shoulder I saw a ten year old lying on the ground. I got the feeling it was going to be a rough race.

“Big Billy’s in the lead,” screamed someone as I overtook a racer. I looked behind me and saw a racer’s horse fall to the ground. Then I remembered the same horse eating an apple from a stranger. “Someone is trying to sabotage the race.” I murmured.

Now three things were on my mind. Firstly, don’t fall off Acorn. Secondly, what will my mum do and thirdly, who is the Saboteur? Very soon it was me against Big Billy.

“OH NO.” I screamed as Acorn fell to the ground. I jumped off, trying to cross the finishing line.

“YES!” I screamed when the judges said I had won.

When I got home my mum started to scream at me. Then i realised she was screaming with happiness. I was so relieved. “Well done. I can’t believe you won.” I felt like a hero.


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