Project 365-2015: Day 130-131

Project 365-2015: Day 131 – Hooray!
Jericho, Emma and Soren celebrating the fact that we now have a new trampoline mat and they are no longer risking their life and limbs by jumping around a hole in the mat!
I don’t know who’s happier- the kids because they have a trampoline again or me because when they start getting rowdy I can once again send them outside to play on it.


Project 365-2015: Day 130 – Rainy Day Sunshine.
On a day of near constant rain, this little dandelion was just about the only spot of brightness out in the yard.



2 thoughts on “Project 365-2015: Day 130-131

  1. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday, seeing all the kids jumping like that I guess you have a huuuge trampoline?? I also hope your mouse doesn’t come back!!!

    • I think the trampoline is maybe eight foot? Maybe ten? I can’t remember, which is stupid considering we measured it for the mat!
      I just can’t believe that of all the things in the house the mouse chewed up my computer cord! Actually, he did it because I leave my computer on the arm of the couch and the the cord tends to slip down between the arm and the cushion…I bet there were crumbs in there and a mouse has burrowed in to eat them and just chomped on my cord by mistake.

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