Saturday 9 May 2015

Today was busy and started early, so I’m pretty tired tonight. Emma’s hockey game was at 9.30am so they wanted them there at 8.45, which is quite an early start from here.

Troy and I both went, with the two hockey players and Soren. We were going to make Nicholai come along since it was Emma’s first official game, but he was going to the footy in the afternoon with Steve and Jean and they decided to pick him up early and take him out for lunch. So he stayed home while the rest of us went off.

Watching the hockey was pretty good. Emma’s team was first, and Jericho’s team played right after, which was handy. It was annoying weather- the sun would come out and I would be hot, and then it would disappear and the wind would make me shiver – but that was a minor thing. I did a bit of knitting (I’m getting over feeling pretentious about crafting in public, or at least I’m not caring about it so much) and took a lot of photos and talked to Troy and it was quite good.

Emma has the skills, but as it was last week in her practice game she can be a little hesitant sometimes to push herself into the action. Once she’s in the action she’s good though! They’re trying to recruit some more kids for that age group so that they can enter two teams, because at the moment they have about seven kids on the bench.

Jericho’s team has been split in two, but they didn’t register them in time to get two games this week so once again all the kids played half a game each. Jericho played second half and he’s good. I don’t want to be all bragging mama here, but he was one of the best kids on the field and just plays with this instinctive skill and style. I mean, he plays like Troy does and in his heyday Troy was very good. The main thing I want for him to get out of hockey at the moment is fun, but if he cares enough to make the effort he has the potential to be very good.

Soren had to come with us of course, which he didn’t love. It’s one of those things that I’m afraid he’s just going to have to get used to though- we’ve got the whole season to go. He might not have to go every week, if Emma and Jericho are playing at the same ground either Troy or I can take them and the other one can stay home with Soren, but if they’re playing at different grounds Soren’s always going to have to come along. Which is a crappy thing about being the youngest I suppose.

Nicholai had a good time going to the footy, although the Bulldogs lost in the end by seven points. They’ve had a good run this season so far though. Nicholai’s in my bad books at the moment though, because he’s lost his phone. Not only lost it, but lost it some weeks ago and neglected to tell us. So unless he can find it he’s going to be spending his pocket money on a new one, and then have to deal with all the hassle of having to send round a new phone number. So I guess that’s a heads up to my family- anyone who has sent Nicholai an SMS and not got a reply, that’s why.

Emma and one of her team buddies on the bench.

Jericho in action. (He’s wearing a mouthguard, that’s why his mouth looks weird)

Making a run for it.

What, this little angel face a whining pain in the neck?

Emma after her game.

This is all our stuff in a pile – can you find the dog?

Jericho and his new buddy watching Emma’s game.


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