Project 365-2015: day 128

Project 365-2015: Day 128 – Friday.
This won’t mean Friday to anyone else, but to me it pretty much sums up the day. These are the poker chips that my children receive on a Friday afternoon, and which they then trade in over the weekend for time on their electronic devices.
I am (according to my children) a horribly mean and unfair mummy who insists upon enforcing (appallingly strict and completely inadequate) time limits on their screen time. I know, I know…unforgivable. Of course this always led to many fights and much drama and always with the wailing and gnashing of teeth. After much (MUCH) trial and error the poker chip system was born. Every Friday (or every morning on the holidays when they have chips for each day) I put out their poker chips in a little pile on the mantlepiece. The kids each have their own colour so they don’t get mixed up, and each chip is worth fifteen minutes of time. When they want to play they ‘pay’ their poker chips back into the box, take a kitchen timer and go to town. Works like a charm. (Really, it actually does.)
The kids love Friday poker chips. And pocket money, which you can also see in the photo- $2 each for Emma, Jericho and Soren and $5 for Nicholai. Which is probably a lot less than most kids but it’s working out for now.



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