Tuesday 5th May 2015

I really, REALLY hope we get our new trampoline springs soon. Jericho is currently in his room having a meltdown instead of going to sleep and I’m sure half of it is due to him not being able to go outside and jump on the trampoline today. The other half…well, honestly I’m not sure. I don’t even know what started this off- maybe when I told him it was bedtime? But he’s screaming about how much we hate him, and how he’s stupid, and that no one would care if he died. It’s so sad, and so utterly frustrating, especially since he’s been doing really well recently.

He wanted to make a candle for his teacher, which I thought was kind of cute. So I taught him how to make that this afternoon, and he chose the scent he wanted to put in it. I guess he can take it to school and give it to her tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ve written about the trampoline? The old mat has had a slow growing hole in it for ages, (which the children just jump around) but eventually we couldn’t ignore it any longer and so we bought a new mat. Troy and I went to put it on on the weekend, and it didn’t fit. It was so annoying! We’d bought the right size mat for our frame, but then there are different sized springs and we have the wrong size for the mat we bought. Yeah, I was confused too. But anyway, we had to order new springs and they won’t get here for a few days. I am hoping desperately it will be sooner rather than later, because my kids without a trampoline are horrors. They jump on it every single day, usually both before AND after school, so not having that outlet for their energy isn’t going to work well.

We’ve got mice. The children woke us up this morning to tell us gleefully that there was a mouse in the toilet sitting on the shelf. This did turn out to be true, and as we were all crowded in the doorway looking at him and kind of wondering what to do next when he fell through the shelf. Of course half of us screamed, and then tap danced around as the mouse made a run through everyone’s feet and went into the bathroom. We couldn’t find him in there, although we have our suspicions that he ran away down the heating vent. Then this afternoon I heard a little scratching sort of noise down by the couch where there’s a pile of paper and all my polyfill, and later Luna was digging around in there like a mad thing. So although there’s no hard evidence, we think that maybe there was a mouse there.

Really though…we have two cats a dog roaming around our house! Shouldn’t they prevent rodents from brazenly running about?

I finished Soren’s handwarmers, which he loves. I’ve still got Troy’s to make- I’m getting a bit tired of them really.


One thought on “Tuesday 5th May 2015

  1. Mice are gross but that made me laugh thinking of this mouse sitting on the toilet shelf with you 6 huddled at the door looking in at him! Hehehehehe

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