Monday 4th May 2015

It was a total dramarama around here this afternoon with homework. Emma and Jericho were theatrically bemoaning their fate of having to do it, and moaning endlessly about how hard it was and screeching in rage because their pencils keep breaking.

I had to help Jericho, and when I was finished explaining the instructions I said, “There you go, I think I’m right about what they want you to do.” You’d think I might have got a thank you or something, but instead Jericho just looked at me and said darkly, “We’d better hope you are right.”

I tried to buy the children a camera today. Jericho, Soren and Emma have been really interested in taking photographs lately, but are struggling with our elderly and temperamental tablet that hardly ever works properly. We do have a little small digital camera that they’re using, but it’s really old and has been bashed about so it’s not the best either. So anyway, I found that Big W had the Nikon Coolpix point and shoot for half price so I drove down there only to discover that they were all sold out. It’s an in-store offer too, so I can’t buy it from their website either. Oh well, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for the next good sale- the children didn’t know we were going to buy it so at least they weren’t disappointed.

The children do think we’re the worst shoppers in the world though. We finally ordered a replacement trampoline mat and it arrived last week, so on the weekend we unhooked all the springs and tossed the old, holey mat away. Only to then discover that we had the wrong size springs. Oops. So at the moment our trampoline consists of a metal frame and nothing else and the kids, who all jump on the trampoline every single day, are kind of traumatised by the loss. Fingers crossed the new springs arrive quickly!

Anyway, despite the camera disappointment today felt quite productive. I did some contacting in the library before I went shopping, and even though I couldn’t get a camera I did get some slippers. I went to the supermarket and bought a few groceries. I did some more knitting (Soren’s handwarmers this time) and went through my wardrobe and pulled out everything that I don’t like or doesn’t fit or I never wear. That was a lot of clothes. I spread out the hangers of what’s left though and it doesn’t look too empty. It’s only when you look at the piles of clothes and the collection of empty hangers that you realise how much I’ve taken away. I’m not throwing it out though, I’m putting it away and I’ll decide at some other time what I want to do with it.

I also cleaned up and did all the vacuuming, so the house was really neat. I love having a neat house, it does such good things to my state of mind. However, actually getting the house clean requires a good state of mind so it’s one of those things that tends to feed on itself either way.

Troy has hockey tonight. He’s playing at the state hockey centre, which is ridiculously far away from out house, so he’s not going to be home until around 10.30. It feels very quiet here without him.

Jericho’s mitts. (That black fingernail is where he slammed a shovel down on it.)

Soren brought me home this picture from art. It’s a crazy man with boogers coming out of his nose. Sometimes I really do wonder about the grossness of boys!



One thought on “Monday 4th May 2015

  1. That drawing of sirens is so funny!! I also like jerichos mitt things. I forgot to tell you that one of Jesses old kinder teachers had a baby boy the start of the year and called him Soren! Cool hey

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