Sunday 3 May 2015

Today felt a bit more relaxing than yesterday, which was nice. Although we did get some things done, which was probably even nicer- there are so many tasks hanging over my head at the moment that it’s lovely to get at least one of them ticked off!

We all went out in the backyard and did some gardening work out there. I had 50 daffodil bulbs to plant, so I did some of them and then got Jericho and Soren to work on them. They did admirably, considering we were planting them along the side fence under all the trees and the soil is so full of tree roots that it’s almost impossible to dig.

We also planted several bunches of agapanthus in the same area. That part between the driveway and the side fence has several trees (tree sweater trees) and ground that doesn’t grow grass but just looks crappy and grows some big weeds. I’ve always had a vague plan to just mulch it and leave it, but then I thought that maybe I could fill it up with agapanthus which would be green all year round and flowery in spring and summer. We had a bunch of them growing in the backyard so I figured I could transplant them. When we did our house extension they builders dug them out because they were in the way and threw them all under the plum tree when I said I didn’t want them to go in the skip. Despite this very rough and careless treatment, when I failed to actually plant the things like I meant too, they all just grew under the plum tree. Absolutely flourished. So today we dug them up and broke them apart so that we could spread the planting out over the space. Assuming all grows, my yarn forest is going to look lovely with all that greenery around it.

Troy took Nicholai to footy, but it wasn’t a great day for it. Nicholai’s team lost by 148 points, and Nicholai wasn’t happy about it. Troy said that the best player on the other team kicked thirteen goals and was taller than he was. Still, Nicholai’s team has had three losses so far and they’ve all been big- I don’t think this is going to be a great season for him.



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