Tuesday 28 April 2015

I finished Luna’s cabled sweater today! As far as doggy sweaters go, it’s adorable, although as far as Luna goes it doesn’t really fit as well as I would have hoped. It doesn’t exactly look ridiculous, but it’s pretty small. Honestly, I have no idea what happened- either I can’t measure dogs or I can’t measure knitting. Anyway, I’m very happy with the actual construction of it and I’m hoping that it will stretch a bit, and also possibly fit better when Luna has had a haircut and actually needs a sweater to keep her warm.

I’m not totally in love with knitting today though, as I had my first knitting related injury. I keep my needles together with rubber bands when I’m not using them, and to separate them I usually just pull one needle out and then roll the elastic band down the other needle. Today I was doing this, and grabbed the rubber band and stretched it out to slip it off. However it was one of the wide, red rubber bands, and instead of slipping off once it was stretched to capacity, it yanked the needle out of my hand and twanged it back towards my other hand – where it stabbed the tip of the needle (a 4mm needle, I might add) under my thumbnail. It hurt SO MUCH. I mean, I basically turned a knitting needle into a weapon for spear fishing, and then drove it underneath my nail! It didn’t go that deep really, but it bled a lot and now thumb is quite sore.

Apart from knitting, I did some household chores today, and continued walking the Warburton trail with Jean. She still can’t talk properly after her thyroid operation, so really I just ramble on about anything. We also walk without talking quite a bit, which is good- there are a lot of birds there and I often hear bellbirds, which always reminds me of walking over the other side of the river with grandma.

I also spent a bit of time helping Soren with his family tree. He is rather charmed with what we’ve put together, and spent a long time writing the names under the photos and decorating the printed out writing. He really likes the old photos- I showed him one of me as a baby and after he stopped laughing he told me I was ‘a bit cute’ and pasted that picture at the top.

This is serious baby me.

And just because I found it when I was looking for some other photos to copy for Soren, here is an hilarious picture of Lee and I wearing drinking straw glasses and….well, being idiots I suppose, lol.

And here’s Luna wearing her sweater.


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