Monday 27 April

Well, it only took me til four months after Christmas, but I’ve finally cleared my lounge of the military installation and arsenal that Jericho and Soren racked up between them for Christmas. Just one of those things that getting it done meant I had to clean up their room and move this, to move that, to try and make space for it…not the kind of task I’m ever leaping out of my seat with keenness to do. But today I took two laundry baskets of picture books out to the library (which still leaves a crammed full shelf in their room) and moved all the puzzles out there as well, so I could put the games on the puzzle shelves and the toys on the games shelves, and more toys on the shelf that used to be jammed full of books. And all that finally made some space for the tanks and boats and jeeps and troop carriers to go and live in the cupboard in their room.

I finished the knitting on Luna’s cabled sweater today, so I just have to sew the pieces together. It’s going to be so cosy and warm and stylish for her, ha ha ha. I love the cable pattern. I also did more contacting of books at school. I worked on a box of chapter books today, which was the first time I’ve not been doing stacks of picture books. The chapter books are great though- because they’re thick they pile up much higher much faster, making me feel like I’m really getting places even though I’m only contacting the same number of books as I would be if they were thin picture books.

Emma, Jericho, Soren and I went and watched Troy play hockey tonight. He has a 7pm game at their home ground so we figured it would be a good one to take the kids to…didn’t really count on the rain! It wasn’t bad at all though really. We dropped Troy off and then the children and I went and picked up pizza and ate it at the hockey field. It started raining when we were in the middle of it, so we just moved into the team shed since no one was sitting in it. It was raining, but we’d gone prepared with coats and hats and we were all bundled up enough to be cosy. Even Luna had her punk sweater on and cuddled up on the picnic blanket under the chair.

Later on Luna was sitting with Jericho, and Soren crawled under the chair and curled up on the picnic rug that she’d abandoned. He must have been tired, he stayed there for the last fifteen minutes. I asked him if he was being a puppy and he said, “No. I’m Harry Potter, asleep in my cupboard under the stairs.”


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