Sunday 26th April 2015

Rainy, cool day that felt more like winter than autumn today. It was the perfect weather for snuggling up under crocheted blankets and watching movies and knitting…too bad for us that it was footy and birthday party day!

Troy took Soren to his party in the morning. It was at a playcentre that was much too far to come back home, but also happened to be right next to Car City. So Troy took Jericho with him (he seems to be developing an interest in cars) and the two of them left Soren at the party and then went and investigated all the cars for a sale until it was time to get Soren back. I think all three of them had a good time, honestly.

I took Nicholai to the footy and took Emma with me. We also took Luna, which turned out to be a mistake as there were no dogs allowed at the oval and so we had to keep her in the car. Emma brought her books and her notebook with her, but after reading while she ate her lunch she went and found her friend Mia and then hung out with her. Mia was leaving, so she asked if Emma could come home with her and I said okay. That left me on my own, but it was fine- I took my computer with me and while it rained (most of the game) I sat in the car and did some writing. I got a bit done with no internet to distract me! I did watch Nicholai a little, but he was in the forward line and they were pretty soundly beaten so he didn’t see a lot of action. He did get a kick, but it was then marked by the other team so he wasn’t overly thrilled.

I was so happy when I got home because Troy had done what I asked and made Jericho and Soren clean up their room. It just had Lego strewn EVERYWHERE…it’s the best toy ever invented (and I’m serious about that) but it’s also the bane of my existence. They love it and play with it endlessly, but they also never seem to pack it up! The Lego table was a brilliant idea, but the reality of it just seems to be that now a third of the Lego is in the drawers where it belongs, a third is on top of the table in various stages of construction, and a third of the stuff is scattered around their bedroom like landmines.

Emma’s outfit was Claudia to the max this morning. She was wearing her black and white tiger leggings, her black and white striped long sleeved t-shirt, a white skinny belt over her t-shirt, and her ballet flats. Unfortunately I spoiled her Claudia-ness by making her put on a jumper and a telling her she had to wear socks when we went to the footy. She was good about it though, and just went and got on some extra clothes. Although apparently socks didn’t go with the shoes, so she changed into her white Mary-Jane style shoes instead. We’ve been looking on ebay for coats for the kids, and we actually just won a bright pink, pure wool duffel coat for her. She doesn’t know about it, but I’m sure her inner Claudia is her dancing around in glee.

The Degrassi love continues. We had pizza for tea tonight and watched another episode, where we had to explain what AIDS was and talk about how some people used to be so afraid of/ uncomfortable with gay people that they didn’t want them in their family. (Which of course, still happens today, but fortunately I don’t believe anyone we know would act like that.)

Emma has also invented a Degrassi game, which she and Jericho and Soren all play with great hilarity. She’s written down all the characters’ names (and laminated them- bless free time at school I guess) and one person has to take a card and either describe the character or else act them out in some way, depending on the game, and the other one has to guess who.

Jericho’s favourite character is Joey Jeremiah and he’s been telling me about the Degrassi video game he’s making up. It has a mini game in it called ‘Hatless Joey’ where you have to answer a quiz (as Joey Jeremiah) in order to win your hat back. He has also asked Emma to make him a Zit Remedy poster for his room, which she is doing in her big sketchbook for him.

I made some labels for my candles, so we know what scents they are. I found the design online and coloured it with photoshop and then printed it out at the size I wanted. They’re just stuck on with sticky tape, so not very professional, but I think they look pretty. And the candles themselves are really good- they last a long time and they make the house smell beautiful.


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