Wednesday 22nd April 2015

I cleaned my kitchen windows and the screen today. It’s the kind of job I never think of to do, and then I do it and keep staring at the clean glass in wonder and thinking how disgusting I must be to have let it get so filthy that cleaning it makes this big a difference.

But I was feeling a bit disgusting all round really, since one of the children has worms and so I had to go and get some worm medicine so that everyone can be treated. I realise it’s just one of those things that no one talks about but that most people deal with at some point, and that it doesn’t actually mean that we’re all revolting, but even so.

I did some more work in the library this morning. It was good, Jericho’s class came in to do library so I watched that. The more I see of Jericho’s teacher the more I like her- she speaks so well with the children and is just lovely. It’s quite nice to hear all her book recommendations and then listen to the story she reads, ha ha ha.

I rescued some more books from the toss out pile. Not for me, for Lee and her kids. When we were there over Easter she told me that they were reading Babysitters Club Little Sister books, so I found a few and then added some more that I thought they would like. It was great, I could save these books and not be a hoarder myself.

Swimming, hockey and football training this afternoon. Emma and Jericho got their hockey uniforms and were so happy to come home and show me. They looked so cute and sporty! Their first game is on the 2nd of May, and I can’t wait to see them play. Troy says that they’re both doing really well, and both of their coaches have commented to him on how well they’re training and learning. While the truth might be that the kids playing hockey is an expensive pain in the ass, it’s also really good for them and I’m so happy for them to give it a try.


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