Monday 20 April 2015

Even my e-reader couldn’t cope with Game of Thrones. I’ve finally finished the blasted thing, read every single one of its 4600 plus pages (which took me EIGHT weeks…it has never taken me eight weeks to read anything ever in my whole life. And yes, I know that this was technically five books, but even so!) and now my e-reader won’t let me put any new books on it.

I’m crushed. Seriously, it’s like looking into the abyss…no e-reader and, even more horrifying, I can’t replace it with exactly what I had. I had an original Kobo, which has been superseded many times over. Usually I would pretty quickly get on board with getting an updated something, but my e-reader was just so perfect. And everything they make these days are all touchscreens! Both Kobo and Kindle have done away with buttons and use touchscreens now. What on earth is wrong with buttons????

I really hope I’m overreacting, and that if I go and get a touchscreen Kindle it will work okay for me. I’m just so wary because when I dropped my first Kobo in the bath I had to replace it with a Kobo Touch and that sucked so badly that I eventually made Troy swap with me. It was just SO slow to respond to any touch! Troy doesn’t like it much either, but it’s not such a problem for him. I read so fast that it was taking me longer to turn a page than it did to read the page and that was driving me mad. That was several generations of e-readers ago though- maybe they’ve improved?

If not, I’m sure Emma or Jericho would like to upgrade their e-readers to a shiny new touch screen job and let Mummy take their old button pushing Kindle!

I went to Spotlight this morning, but it was sadly disappointing. I used to love going to Spotlight. It was a terrible time-suck, but I would just wander around and look at everything and pretend I was super crafty and was going to make everything. Now it’s all been rearranged and it just looks like a kind of junky warehouse. I don’t know where anything is, the selection is rubbish, and just walking around didn’t make me want to craft- it made me want to tidy up.

I’d gone to buy yarn, but it was the last day of a 40% off yarn sale and the place had been ransacked. They don’t seem to reorganise or add any stock or anything, so half the shelves were bare and the other half were just a jumble of falling apart balls mixed in with what was supposed to be there. The idea of 40% off sent me into a tailspin of feeling I had to take advantage of it, which is always a bad thing! Of course I wound up with way more than I need, but I did get the machine washable wool I wanted for the dog’s sweater and for the fingerless mitts everyone in the family want me to make for them. I also bought a few balls of cotton in likely sorts of colours for crocheting food. And some cable needles. And a hot glue gun. Maybe I have a shopping problem?

I used the new hot glue gun to glue buttons to the centres of my flowers and then glue the flowers onto the tree sweater. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t buy a new glue gun years ago- the one I’ve been using I was given by Troy’s mum who used to use it when the boys were young. It didn’t have a stand or a trigger, both of which the new one has and which meant that I didn’t burn myself on hot melted glue. The tree sweater looked good when it was done anyway, I sewed it on to the tree and now I’m done with tree sweaters for the backyard, at least for a while.

And, just for something amusing, I found out today that my two youngest boys refer to someone’s pubic hair as their ‘penis beard’. Yeah, um…okay.

The flowers I crocheted for the tree sweater decorations.


Yarn forest! My eight sweater wearing branches on the trees growing along the side fence of the backyard.

Fluffy Luna. Obviously not in need of any sweaters right now, but I suspect she’ll be feeling the cold once all that fluff comes off.

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