Sunday 19 April 2015

My brainwashing of the children is complete. Today Emma and Jericho were discussing writing Degrassi Junior High fanfiction. That’s it…my job’s done here.

I wish I could put Soren in a dance class. He’s currently dancing as I type this, and the child has such groove and style! It’s so hard to pretend I’m not watching, because he gets embarrassed and then stops, and he clearly enjoys it so I don’t want him to stop.

Today was a lovely winter Sunday. It was cold and there was a lot of drenching rain. Perfect weather for watching tv and knitting or crocheting, which is what I did for a large part of the day.

I really wanted to finish the tree sweater, and I have now finished the knitting and joining. I’ve been crocheting flowers and will crochet some more later on this evening. Tomorrow I’ll hot glue the flowers to the knitting and then sew it onto the tree and I’ll be finished the tree sweater project! Well, finished as much as it’s going to be for the time being- there are still trees that could be yarned, and I had thought about doing some crocheted bunting (Ben can tell me how?) but I’m over it at the moment. I can always do some more later.

Troy and the kids have asked for some fingerless mitts, like the ones I made for Jay for Christmas and then for myself. I’m also going to knit Luna a cabled dog sweater, because I think that will be adorable, and she’s going to have a haircut soon and will get cold after that. These are all pretty small projects that shouldn’t take too long, and it might be nice to have that sense of completion with them.

After that I want to crochet food items to use at school during Indonesian lessons. We can use them for food and for shopping topics, so that would be really good to have. Although we’ll see, I tend to change my mind a bit with craft projects and it will take me a little while to do all the mitts and dog sweaters! At least with all this in mind though I get to take a trip to Spotlight tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 19 April 2015

    • Yes, felt food would also be good! Especially Indo food, we could use that in our restaurant role play.
      I’m starting with this It’s gorgeous and hilarious- you even crochet the fridge to put all the crocheted food in. I think I’ll end up making up the crochet patterns for food things a bit, but I have that and there are a few free patterns on Ravelry too.
      If you happen to see any cds with indo kids’ music on it (nursery rhymes, songs, whatever) that also has the words (or has words I can google) could you pick them up for me? Don’t worry if not, of course, but if you find some that would be amazing.
      ANyway, I am really enjoying all your little tumblr updates. Kids liked the little horses racing too! You’ll have to come over when you get back and hang out for a while,

      • I put a parcel in the mail for you today. And a separate card for Emma. I thought I was going to have to send two separate parcels which is why inside the box there’s another parcel all packaged up.

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