Saturday 18th April 2015

I had a lovely afternoon today. I ate a delicious lunch, watched Roseanne and did some knitting, and then Troy and I took the children and the dog and went for a walk. That just turned out to be surprisingly fun- the weather was perfect, the kids were running around and having fun climbing up dirt heaps (we were walking through a new development at the time) and Troy and I discussed all the different houses we saw and what we liked or not about them, and what we could do to our house if money wasn’t an issue.

I took photos with my new camera while we were doing that, which was kind of blissful honestly. My guilt over purchasing it hasn’t really abated, but given how much joy I get form it I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.

We came home and I had a bath, then Troy got in and joined me for a while. The kids got in after us and then we had dinner and watched another episode of Degrassi. I read Harry Potter to Soren and Jericho for a while and they went to bed without drama, then Emma and Nicholai read to themselves for a while and also went to bed. Troy’s watching a Die Hard movie now, which doesn’t thrill me, but I also don’t mind that much either.

Degrassi has been the greatest thing in the world for opening up discussion with the children and teaching them lessons. They only ever watch it while we’re all together, so Troy and I can jump in when we want to stress a point. We’ve watched two seasons of it, and talked about bullying, drinking, loyalty to your friends, respecting your parents, what to do if you are pregnant/get someone pregnant, shoplifting, secrets that shouldn’t be secret, what to do if an adult touches you inappropriately or makes you feel uncomfortable, growing boobs, wet dreams, smoking, slacking off at school, depression, hiding dogs in school, being shy, and someone’s parents dying. It’s pretty amazing. They’ve got one season of junior high left and then it goes on to Degrassi High- I’m going to check that before I let them watch it, I know that it has a suicide and maybe that won’t be really okay for them to watch.

I also think it’s kind of funny the way my influence on what the children like is so strong at the moment! Degrassi, and Jericho’s crush on Kellan, and now today we watched Roseanne and Nicholai laughed at it quite a bit. Not to mention that Emma is still working her way through the entire Babysitters Club (she’s up to #118) and Claudia-fying her wardrobe! Although today she wore black tracksuit pants and a black and white striped top and Jericho told her quite approvingly that she looked like Heather or Erica from Degrassi!



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