Friday 17 April 2015

My online journal isn’t working properly. None of my photos are showing up, which is driving me crazy. I kind of know what the problem is but have no idea what’s causing it or what to do about it.

I went back to contacting books in the library this morning. I didn’t stay for too long but I got a little bit done. I tidied up the picture book shelves too, someone had left them in a terrible state and there were all these books in the wrong place.

There’s a big pile of books outside the library that are there for the taking. Books that are too old or shabby to be catalogued and put into circulation. I went through them today and took home a little pile for us- there were several that I thought Emma might like and a couple for Jericho and even a Pullein-Thompson pony book for me. It’s so hard though, there are all these good books just sitting there neglected and I want to gather them up and rescue them all! But of course we have those books so I can’t bring them home…that would be hoarding, not rescuing, and I’m not at that point yet. (At least not with paper books, although the e-books might be a different story…)

I went to Costco after the library. I haven’t been for ages, so there was a lot to buy. In what was an amazing coincidence, Troy and I were joking that I could spend $354.99, because that’s the amount of the cheque we just deposited and then I went and shopped and my total was $354.70. It was unbelievable!

Jericho came home with an earache today. He really wasn’t sick though. I don’t know, I don’t know if he was faking it deliberately or if he genuinely had a sore ear that just got better or what. But I went and picked him up at lunchtime and he drove me nuts all afternoon. He really does demand a lot of attention, and I had a bunch of other stuff to do. I’m also wary of ‘rewarding’ him for coming home sick when he really isn’t sick, so I don’t want to let him watch movies or anything. I told him he could read or play quietly with toys, but he pretty much bounced around and talked.


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