Wednesday 15 April 2015

I am so tired. I know, I’m always tired, but it’s more so than usual at the moment.

Today was okay. I dropped the kids at school, went for a little walk, did some grocery shopping and then came home and did my planning for school tomorrow. I wasn’t sure if I had craft or not, but my friends turned up and so I finished my planning and then did some more knitting on the never ending tree sweater while I talked to them.

I picked up three children from school, but left Soren at the office so he could go with Steve to his swimming lesson. Nicholai was at home, having got back from camp- he sounded really happy about it which was great. I’m so glad he had a good time. You have to ask a million questions to actually get any information out of him, but he was happy to answer these questions so that was good.

Troy came home from work a few minutes early and then left with Emma and Jericho for hockey training. A little later I took Nicholai and dropped him off at football training (which is not in town for the next seven weeks because they’re redoing the oval, so we have to drive to the next town) and then was at home on my own for a short time until I got Soren back.

Soren and I had a quiet time together while we ate some tea and he watched Adventure Time, and then he cleaned his teeth and put on his jammies and I lay on his bed with him for a little snuggle. Soren was asleep by the time Nicholai was dropped off after football training, and then Troy and the other two kids came home after that. Emma, Jericho and Troy had eaten tea in the car on their way home, but Nicholai had to eat at home after football.

I think Wednesdays are going to be our most difficult day.


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