Monday 13th April 2015

Kids all back to school today after the first term holiday. I think two weeks are really a good length of holidays for my kids- they don’t have time to get too bored, they have fun, and then they’re happy to go back to school. The three primary children all came home and said they’d had a good first day.

Nicholai we don’t know about, because he’s on camp. They’ve gone to Philip Island and will be back on Wednesday after school. I hope he has a good time. I also hope he copes okay- he finds camp a stressful environment to deal with and this is going to have a lot more kids and a lot less teacher direction and supervision than his previous school camps.

I’m sitting here on my own tonight, because Troy is harking back to his youth and playing hockey. Watching Emma and Jericho play has inspired him…or else Jericho’s coach badgering him every week to come back and play veteran’s hockey has! So he came home after work and had tea, and then took his stick and his stinky glove and other stuff and went off to play. The game doesn’t start until 8, so I don’t know what time he’ll be home.

I hope he has fun and I hope it doesn’t cripple him, since that was part of the reason he had to stop playing. He used to play and it would screw his back over so that he’d spend the next 3-4 days walking around with a crooked back and unable to do anything. Hopefully the Veteran’s level games might have a slightly slower pace? (Although it’s only over 35 years, that seems pretty young for the old man team).

I don’t mind, but it does feel kind of weird to be sitting here by myself because Troy is hardly ever away at night! The kids must have been tired from school because they all went to bed and went straight to sleep, so it’s just me and the dog, who is also asleep.

I have to say that I love my homemade candles. The scent in them is so strong, it makes my house smell delicious.


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