Sunday 12 April 2015

Today was a really long day. It was Nicholai’s first footy game of the season and was meant to be a nice day weather-wise so I thought we should all go along. I didn’t realise when I decided this that Nicholai’s game started at 1.15pm and that I was basically dedicating nearly the whole day to it!

We left early because we had to get fuel and go to the shopping centre to buy a lunch to take with us, and buy Nicholai pants. So Troy took the three younger kids to Woollies and bought bread rolls and something to drink, and I took Nick to Big W. We went through his drawers yesterday and made him try on all his pants and nothing fit, but he’s going on camp tomorrow so we really had to squeeze in a shopping trip today.

We overestimated the amount of time we’d need to shop, so we were at the footy ground much earlier than we had to be. The game before Nicholai’s ran late as well, so we didn’t get home until almost four this afternoon.

It was good though. There was a little playground that the kids played on a lot, and some grass that we could sit on when we weren’t watching the game. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. Jericho and Soren ran and wrestled and carried on, Emma found a couple of friends and disappeared for most of the time, I did a lot of knitting and taking photos and talking to Troy.

As for the game itself, that was a bit less successful. Nicholai did get to play a full game which he was happy about (they’re pretty tight on numbers this year) and he kicked a point which he was VERY happy about, but the team wound up losing by over 120 points.


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