Thursday 9th April 2015

I had a psychiatrist appointment today. Little bit less of this, add a little bit of that…same old, same old.

Troy took the afternoon off work to look after the kids, so we all drove there together. While I was having my appointment Troy and the kids went to the post office nearby and paid the registration fees for the animals (two cats and two dogs seems like a lot when you’re registering them) and then came back and picked me up so we could all go shopping together.

Nicholai learned the pain of losing his possessions today, when he had to use his own pocket money to buy replacement PE shorts and a lunchbox. However he did this without complaining, so I’ll give him credit for that. While we were there we also made him try on long trousers and bought him two pairs for school. I think most of the reason he didn’t complain was that since we were at the shopping centre for trousers and shorts buying purposes he was able to bring some of his pocket money (what was left after the shorts and lunchbox, ha ha ha) and buy some Steam vouchers so he can download something onto his computer.

Since Nicholai was spending money, the others wanted to spend money too so they all counted up their pocket money and took some with them. It’s interesting to see their different approaches to it.

Soren is easy. He’s surprisingly accepting of having or not having enough money for any particular thing, so he just walked along the Lego aisle and let someone tell him what things he could afford. After he’d thought about all the options he just picked one and was delighted with it. He doesn’t spend time worrying about what he can’t have, he just picks the one he likes best and goes with it.

Emma looked at the toys but didn’t really find anything, and when I told her it would be okay if she looked at clothes she jumped at the chance. It just felt kind of weird though- my little girl was more interested in buying clothes than toys! It does fit in with the recent Claudia-ness of her outfits though, and what she picked out today is definitely a Claudia. She bought herself some black leggings with pictures of white tigers on each leg (made out of a fairly shiny sort of fabric) and a long, fuzzy turquoise jumper. She looks adorable.

Jericho and shopping is just really, really hard. It’s one situation where his anxiety really rears its head and he struggles. He has big issues with making the ‘wrong’ decision about things anyway, and something like shopping, where the decision can’t be changed, becomes an insurmountable obstacle to him. He bought Lego, but there was a breakdown on the way home where he was crying about making a bad choice, and he was so stupid that he’d chosen wrong…it’s really sad. It was also a difficult one to talk through while we were all in the car, but we managed to calm him down enough that he was okay to go and visit Brett and April and the new baby. Once he’d calmed down and moved away from the situation for a little while he was able to look at what he’d bought and think about it, and of course he loved the Lego sets he chose. I don’t know, I mean lots of people have buyer’s remorse when they’re shopping, but he’s only eight!

We stopped by April and Brett’s house on the way home and gave them the knitted pants and hat and the card for baby Otis. April liked the gift, which was nice, and the baby really was cute. Jericho didn’t want to hold him, but the others did. I held him for a little while too. He was 9lb4oz so he’s not a little newborn, but since I had big babies he felt just right.


One thought on “Thursday 9th April 2015

  1. Hey, sayang! I sent off a postcard for Jericho today – hope he likes it. Eventually I’ll send cards to all your kids, but at the moment I’m in a decidedly non touristy part of the country, so postcards are…well, they’re just not here.

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