Wednesday 8th April 2015

Soren suggested to me today that my ideal career was being a “train officer”, since “you like to relax, and train officers sit down and ride trains and that’s relaxing.”

He then told me he would clean the engines of the trains so that he could get dirty and no one would tell him off. Or else he’ll be a baker and make candy.

He can be so sweet and funny sometimes. To be honest he’s been a bit hard to take lately- he’s not having an easy time of it being the youngest in the family and constantly trying to keep up with the others. There has been a lot of carrying on and unintelligible wailings about things being unfair. But tonight Troy has taken Emma and Jericho to hockey training and Steve took Nicholai to football training, so it’s just Soren and I. We walked to IGA to buy something for tea and we talked all the way. “Just yooouuuu and meeeee,” as he says.

It was so nice too, because I didn’t have the greatest day today. One things I find really hard to cope with on the holidays is that I have four kids who seem to believe that absolutely everything that goes wrong in their lives is all my fault. It’s raining? My fault! Can’t find your hockey socks? My fault! Someone called you poopbrain? My fault! You’re bored? My fault! It’s not snacktime? My fault! You’re not at a playdate/ movie/ playcentre/ Disneyland? My fault!

It’s obviously not a big deal and I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but it’s sometimes a bit depressing to have it going on all day. I am also frustrated with the way they keep complaining that I’m always telling them off about the same things…but maybe if they actually STOPPED doing what I am telling them not to do then we’d all be a lot happier! Seriously, wanting them to NOT jump or bounce on the couch isn’t asking too much!

I was joking on the weekend when I was telling Dad and Mum that when we need to replace our couch I was going to buy the kids some shitty second hand couch off Gumtree and then buy Troy and I lovely comfortable armchairs. It’s starting to sound like less of a joke the more I see the kids bouncing and climbing on the couch!

We babysat Elroy for a couple of hours today, since Jean had to work. Well, really the children babysat Elroy, since they kept him so busy playing I didn’t have to do anything. I think they all enjoyed the novelty of a small child around the place, but I also think the novelty was beginning to wear off by the time he left, considering he was starting to get very tired and a little bit cranky by then.


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