Sunday 5th April 2015

Happy Easter! We’ve had a lovely Easter day, the kids were very happy with the Easter Bunny’s delivery and pretty much started eating immediately. Of course I can’t exactly judge, not when I had a pre-breakfast of chocolate bunny, ha ha ha.

Emma had asked us if we could do an easter egg hunt while we were here, since the kids would miss out on the one at Grandma and Pop’s house. We thought it was a good idea, and then yesterday at the supermarket Troy and I found ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ packs. They were perfect- they had two colour in and fold up baskets, a few little cardboard signs with bunnies and arrows and icy-pole sticks to use to decorate the yard, and then a pile of eggs. We bought three of them to use, and then this morning Kareem and Samira came around to join in.

It was quite fun. We coloured in all the little signs, and then when the kids came they sat down and coloured in their baskets while Lee and Troy and I went outside and scattered all the eggs around the yard. The hunt itself went well- all the kids found lots of eggs so no one felt left out, and they brought everything back and threw it into the communal pot so we could share it out between them. And, admittedly, keep aside a pile for the grown-ups!

Rhiannon and Jordy came for lunch with baby Corbin. With so many people to eat all the kids had to sit on a tablecloth on the floor, which was rather reminiscent of parties with cousins when we were little!

After lunch we went and saw the new place Lee and Mutari have for their taekwondo school. It’s really great, pretty much what I just imagined a martial arts school to look like actually. The kids had a great time running around and putting on all the protective gear and hitting each other with foam swords and paddles and whatever else.

Emma was really happy too, she got to demonstrate the skills from her MAT group by breaking more plastic boards today. Mutari also taught her how to break them with a kick, which she thought was really great. It’s a pity we can’t find somewhere for her to actually take it up, but she’s got hockey and I think she’s doing another therapy group this term and it wouldn’t fit in.

Of course, maybe we just let Lee and Muts adopt her so she can be Samira’s big sister and learn taekwondo here. Emma and Samira are adorable together- yesterday afternoon they were doing make up on each other and playing games and then the same today. Samira came out to Lee and said very pleadingly, “Please can I play putting on lipstick with Emma?”

And okay, this isn’t my funny story to tell but it made me laugh so much that I’m going to write it down here anyway. Samira like to play games with Lee, and she’ll begin by saying, “Let’s play that you’re this and I’m that.” The two variations on this that cracked me up today was firstly, “Let’s play that you’re a mum and I’m your kid.” Then the second one, “Let’s play that you’re a lady on a plane and I’m your suitcase.” Lee had to sit down on the couch, and then Samira lay on the back of the couch behind her because she was the suitcase in the overhead compartment. Even now I’m laughing just writing it down- it’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard in ages.

Some tired and cranky kids tonight – I don’t think letting them stay up last night did anyone any favours in the end! Still, they’ve all gone to bed and gone to sleep, and we’re on our way home tomorrow so they can chill out in the car watching movies for few hours.

Emma, wearing her favourite pyjamas and reading a BSC book this morning.

How cute is this- dad and snuggly Scooby

Easter rabbit, the perfect breakfast food.

Starting in on the baskets.

Still working on the baskets. (I love that Muts is in there, colouring in as seriously as the children).

Jericho. Um…I don’t know.

Heading off on the hunt.

Emma and Samira.

Everyone was helping.

The kids ‘table’

The kids ‘table’.


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