Saturday 4th April 2015

I just got out our Easter bunny chocolate. The kids are each getting a Humpty Dumpty egg and Troy and I are getting a Lindt bunny. They’re also having an Easter egg hunt with Samira and Kareem (this was Emma’s idea, we usually do one with her other cousins) so they’ll get more chocolate then.

I’m going to wind up with loads of chocolate myself though. I bought what the Easter bunny was going to deliver at Target when I bought all the pyjamas, but forgot to bring it here to Mum and Dad’s house. Since the kids are not old enough to be told “sorry, forgot your chocolate you can have it at home” I had to go out today and rebuy everything. When I get home I’m going to have four Humpty Dumpty eggs, two Crunchie eggs and a bucket of M&M speckled eggs hidden away in the top of the wardrobe that I can eat as well. Such a tragedy…it’s really the kind of mistake that you don’t mind making in the end.

It’s been nice here. Our drive went okay yesterday. There was so much traffic on the roads it was madness, but it didn’t slow us up too much. We stopped in Ballarat for lunch and then stopped in Glenthompson so I could get the kids to stand under the sign for my photo of the day. We got to mum and dad’s house and just hung out for a while, before we went over to Rhiannon’s house for her birthday.

Actually, yesterday afternoon we ended up watching a movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar yesterday, Troy and I and the kids. It was from the 70s and it was kind of hilarious- clearly historical accuracy was not their goal. I used to have the Australian cast recording of it and listened to it so much I still remembered all the words. The kids were funny though, listening to their knowledge of the events and their interpretations was interesting!

Lee and the kids came over this afternoon. She looked at all my crochet e-books and we talked about things we want to make. It made me really want to finish the tree sweater project and try something new!

Although I did start a new knitting project yesterday. I find it unnerving to start a new project while I have something else unfinished, but Brett and April’s baby is due in less than two weeks so I can’t really wait until the tree sweater is done to start that. I’m going to make pants and a hat, which are both quick knits and I should have enough yarn for both. I’m using a self-striping yarn, which is something I’ve never tried before, and I love seeing the stripes just kind of happening as I knit along. I decided I could knit while we drove up and it all went fine…until we got almost to Ballarat and I realised I’d made the kind of mistake that meant I had to rip everything out and start again. So all that knitting time was wasted! I got back to the same place by the time we arrived at Mum and Dad’s though.

It’s the end of Daylight Savings tonight and we gain an hour of sleep. In an effort to make the kids tired and thus have them sleep in a little tomorrow we let them watch Hop on tv tonight, even though it finished at nine. Hopefully it works, although I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ve done the wrong thing, they’ll all wake up at their usual 6am only it will be 5am and since they stayed up so late they’ll just be incredibly tired and cranky all afternoon. Lets hope not.


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