Wednesday 1st April 2015

I was a responsible adult today and went and renewed my license. The children came with me, and since the Vic Roads agency is in the library they wandered off to look at books while I did what I had to do. When I went to find them Emma and Jericho were playing a game of chess on an extra large chessboard, so I let them finish that. It was lovely, they both knew how to play more or less, but they helped each other remember everything and were both very gracious about playing and winning/losing. (Jericho won).

I also finished doing my Working With Children Check application and my application for a second period of being a provisionally registered teacher. They’re both done in the sense that they’re all filled out and printed and in a nice little pile with the documents I need. Tomorrow I have to get everything certified and have the stat doc signed, and then pay and lodge the WWCC at the post office.

I’ll go down to the office tomorrow morning to get all that done (very conveniently all the accountants can certify documents and Steve is a justice of the peace) and then go to the post office and do that part of it. I’m also going to buy a postbag send back the camera lens as well. Then all my immediate responsibilities that are stressing me out will be taken care of. (Apart from talking to Emma’s psychologists, I’m avoiding that, but I did reschedule her orthodontist appointment today.)

After we’d done my license and the chess game we went to the supermarket and bought things for lunch. The children (okay, Nicholai and Jericho) were being so annoying, that at one point I just said to them, “I get it, you don’t like each other. I don’t care. Just stay away from each other!” Then these two old ladies laughed and one of them said to me, “Don’t worry, it might improve when they’re eighteen and twenty!”

Nicholai dobbed himself in about being on his electronics when he shouldn’t have been this morning. He was talking to me about sport (big surprise) and he told me that Grandma had sent through the footy tips so he’d be able to start doing that. I was just, “Hmm…wait, how did YOU know that Grandma sent that email?” (Since I’d received it at about 10pm last night.)

Emma and Jericho went to hockey training tonight. Emma’s doing really well and enjoying it a lot I think. Her coach told her she was his best student tonight, so of course she liked that. It doesn’t surprise me though, she’s good at listening and following directions.

There were only three kids from Jericho’s age group there today, so they each got a coach to themselves. This would have been great for Jericho- although he enjoyed it when he went to training a couple of weeks ago he’s very anxious about the idea of playing on a team and him not being good enough. A bit of one-on-one should help him feel more confident in his skills, and then we just need to work on him feeling comfortable as part of a team. He’s definitely going to develop the skills in time, and he’s currently eight and in an under 10 team, so he’s really not expected to be any kind of expert yet!

I also got my new camera lens. I was almost too scared to use it, because everything has gone wrong, but I did. It was so, so good.


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