Saturday 28th March 2015

I had quite a peaceful day today, considering it was a Saturday and everyone was home. I folded a lot of washing and watched a couple of episodes of Degrassi with children, did some reading of Game of Thrones and some writing- it was basically not very noteworthy, but it was nice.

Nicholai is really going to struggle these holidays though. Spending so much time on his ipad and computer during the term appears to have completely destroyed any ability he ever had to entertain himself without those two things. Already today he was so antsy that all he could do was annoy Jericho when it wasn’t his turn on the computer. I’m sure you can imagine how well that went.

I really hate dealing with technology and children. Because I don’t think the option of “do nothing and let them do what they want” is a good one, so I have to exert some kind of limits on it and I don’t know what the best answer is!

I got some great photos today, after all my tantrums yesterday about not having my new lens yet! But it was cold today, and the wasps were slow and the bush outside our backdoor also had some ladybugs and weird spiky bugs on it, so it was all perfect for my macro lens. It doesn’t change the fact that I can’t take regular photos so well, but it was fun today.


Weird spiky bug. I thought it was a caterpillar, but it doesn’t have enough legs, so I have no idea what it is. There were a few of them on the bush though, as well as lots of wasps, the ladybug, and a million aphids.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 28th March 2015

    • Omg, I never knew! That’s amazing, I would never have guessed that. I didn’t even know ladybugs had a juvenile stage, I just assumed they popped out of eggs as tiny spotted versions of big ones. Obviously I’m not an entomologist, lol.

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