Project 365-2015: Day 086

Project 365-2015: Day 086 – Pipsqueak.
I thought this pretty baby (who belongs to my in-laws’ neighbours) could be my photo for today. She was born on the 12th of December and we saw her when she was only a day old and still figuring out how to stand up and lie down! She’s getting a lot bigger now, but she still has those beautiful gangly foal legs and the funniest curly mane. She’s also very curious and bold, which made getting a photo difficult as she kept coming up so close to say hello that I couldn’t get her in the frame.

3 thoughts on “Project 365-2015: Day 086

  1. Is her nickname going to be Pippi or Squeaky?
    When I still had horses the stable hands gave all of the horses their own nicknames. I was very proud of ‘Desiderata’. They called her Lizzy. (I have no idea what the connection was) 😉

    • Pipsqueak is just what my mother in law calls her, because the neighbours are so slow giving even nicknames to their horses! They’ll go months just calling them ‘the little one’ so my mother in law gives them her own little nicknames so she has something to call them.
      I always think it’s funny how different the nicknames are to the proper names. One of the neighbours’ other horses has a three word proper name, and they just call it Rambo, lol. Like Desiderata and Lizzy- not a real lot of connection there!

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