Friday 27th March 2015

We just had a family movie night, watching The Hobbit- The Battle of the Five Armies. I really like movie nights, and I’m really glad that the kids are old enough now that we can occasionally find something that everyone will sit down and watch. It’s a long movie so we started it and ate tea in the lounge, and then paused it about halfway through so the kids could all get their pyjamas on and clean their teeth before they settled down to watch again. It worked well, and it was a good way to end the day (and the school term!).

Because I have to say it wasn’t the best day before that. I woke up with a headache which always sucks- who wants to start the day feeling like crap?

After I’d dropped the children off at school I drove to Officeworks to see if I could sort out the photobook issue. The last two I got (one for Nicholai and one for Emma) had the first page swapped around, so what should have been Nicholai’s first page was bound into Emma’s book, and Emma’s first page was bound into Nicholai’s book. It was a pretty wasted trip though. The manager I spoke to wanted to help me, like I could honestly see him trying to come up with something he could do, but since I order it online and only pick it up from them rather than them printing it, there wasn’t anything. He told me I’d have to try and contact the main office, and he gave me his name and number so I can talk to him if I need to. I came home and emailed them, so I’m waiting on a reply to that.

Since I was over that way I stopped at Target to buy Jericho some pyjamas. Yeah, I know…how long ago was it that I went on that pyjama buying spree and yet Jericho didn’t need any? Less than a week? But when I was hanging one of his hand-me-down pairs on the line I noticed a teeny little hole in the leg, so while he can keep wearing them for a while now they’re not going to last. So I went and bought him a new pair, although clearly Target doesn’t feel like big boys wear winter pyjamas as much as girls do, because there was really not a lot of choice! I also bought Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to deliver on Easter. But two get the third one free- can’t go past that.

As for the very worst part of my day, I finally had my camera lens delivered…and it was the wrong one. I shit you not. It’s a Sigma lens, and I ordered the Canon-compatible version and was delivered the Nikon-compatible version. Since I don’t have a Nikon camera it is of absolutely no use to me whatsoever. So I’ve waited one month and three days to have the WRONG THING delivered, and my rage over that pretty much knows no bounds. Really, even typing this I’m deleting about as many swear words as I’m typing normal words because I’m that mad about it all.

Anyway, I got so mad I cried my eyes out, and then sent them an email saying they sent the wrong thing and I want a return code and a refund of the purchase price and the postage I’m going to incur to send the damn thing back, so I can then go and buy it somewhere else.

One of the most frustrating things about it is that now I have to send it back and wait for them to confirm that they’ll refund my money before I can buy another one. Considering I didn’t discover this mistake until this afternoon, it may well be Monday or even later before anyone deals with my email, and even if I get an immediate refund there’s no guarantee anywhere I order from will be able to deliver it before the post office shuts for Easter. So I’m still stuck with not having any wide angle lens and only being able to take macro photos from a few inches away or else having to stand a mile away to use my zoom. Don’t get me wrong, I love having those as options for when I want to take photos, but sometimes I just want to take a normal photo at a normal distance and I can’t! I’m getting shitty photos of things that are important to me (like Nicholai’s birthday and Emma’s martial arts and the swimming carnival) because I don’t have the flexibility. And now it’s been THIRTY THREE days and I won’t have good school holiday or Easter photos either and I’m unhappy about it. Infuriatingly though, I have done all that I can to fix this and now I just have to wait.

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